PRODERMA is a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in improvement and marketing of high-quality, affordable and wide range of finished Products

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N0.3 -GF, Princess Cars Building Dubai

Office 125, Boulevard Industriel 9 - 1070 Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium



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Dermaceutic was founded in 2002 on the strong belief that science is the skin’s natural ally. We use the best scientific expertise to strengthen and support the skin’s natural powers, for faster and more effective results.
Born from a collaboration between French dermatologists, Dermaceutic is now the number one chemical peel brand in France, and has brought its art of formulation to the cosmeceutical industry.

Today, we partner with more than 30,000 skin professionals in more than 70 countries around the world. By working closely with these specialists, we gain vital and ever-evolving insights into different skin types, photo types and unique patient expectations.

We elevate skincare standards using the latest scientific technology and expertise, and by delivering exceptional results for every individual’s skin. Whatever the skin concern or aesthetic procedure, our mission is to provide the right combinations of actives at the most effective concentrations.

We aim to maintain our position as the expert in aesthetic dermatology through our passion for scientific discoveries and our insatiable curiosity for skin science, our continued strategic partnerships with dedicated and passionate distributors, and through our strong relationships with a large network of experts in the scientific community.

This is Skintelligent Science

Fusion Mesotherapy line of advanced products and devices for skin rejuvenation, skin needling, no-needle mesotherapy.

US Based company for Advanced treatments for acne, skin whitening, anti aging, toning, facial masks, eyelash and hair, and professional tattoo removal

In 2005, the company was named as ‘GRAND AESPIO INC.’, and was shaped its structure focusing on exporting Korean products of high performance in obesity and anti-aging to the world wide as well as importing popular cosmeceutical products for local medical market.
Quality, Excellency and Professionalism represent the philosophy of our company. Indeed, being always on the position of leaders in Korean Medical market has allowed the company to grow in the reliable manner. Actually, AESPIO (combined word for Aesthetic Pioneer) has the ambition of responding to different needs of Medical Aesthetic Field in Korea, by offering the newest technology and high quality products both in equipment and in cosmeceuticals.

ENEOMEY offers active treatments to have a positive impact on women’s beauty, in order to revive their confidence with regard to the effects of age and adopt a new self.


IBSA is a privately owned, pharmaceutical company based in Lugano, Switzerland. diverse scientific fields ranging from basic research to pre-clinical and clinical development, high manufacturing quality, regulatory expertise and direct marketing of proprietary products.

Our brand is unique, stylish like no other one in the world of beauty, we created, designed and developed a new generation of skin care products that respect and fits each skin. Our products are not containing mineral oils, silicones, parabens and other harmful preservatives. We imagined a whole new world of skin care & beauty rituals through innovative and interactive formulas. We created textures, unique products and a breakthrough line of custom professional cosmetics.